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Are you a financially savvy leader? If so, you already know that strong leaders make it a point to set financial targets and stay actively involved in monitoring them on both the revenue and expense side. Not only are you better able to steer the ship effectively on an ongoing basis, but your organization will Read More →


One of the most unique elements of nonprofit organizations is the interrelationship between the staff leadership team and the voluntary Board leadership. For me, successful shared governance includes: A comfort with and commitment to stepping outside the traditional boss/subordinate hierarchy to forge a true partnership between the staff leadership and the Board. A close and collegial working relationship between the Board officers and Read More →


We’ve all seen them, interviewed them, worked for them, and either loved them or (more likely) left them. And, my oh my, what different workplaces they can produce! Consider the differences between… “The Executioner”  ex·e·cu·tion·er [ek-si-kyoo-shuh-ner] -noun A Hatchet-Man.  Literally. Or maybe a knife, rope, needle…you choose. A take-no-prisoners “boss” who is brought in to control the Read More →


“A sense of humor is part of the art of leadership, of getting along with people, of getting things done.” ~ Dwight D. Eisenhower The mission-based work of many organizations is focused on creating amazing outcomes, so it’s usually pretty serious business and sometimes downright stressful. That means that humor is often a tool that’s gotten Read More →


In Secrets of Power Persuasion by Roger Dawson, he shares key points to keep in mind when approaching sales prospects. I’ve taken his basic framework and used it as a starting point for a list of Twelve Tips for nonprofit volunteers and staff who are approaching prospects for funding. Never assume that a prospect believes Read More →

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Want a quick and easy way to build a high-performing team? Envision it. All too often, I see organizations recruiting for key leadership positions without doing anything to excite top candidates. It’s more than just a missed opportunity. This routine approach can lead to poor hiring and leadership turnover that can permanently damage an organization. Read More →


I’ve been working on creating a board self-assessment tool for one of my clients, and have come across several terrific and freely available self-assessment tools that can be used as templates. Here’s a list of links (in no particular order), below: New Hampshire Center for Nonprofits and the Corporate Fund 72 questions across 12 categories including Read More →


How can nonprofit organizations increase revenues? This is one of the most frequent issues that I am asked to address as part of my consulting practice. Most nonprofits depend upon private philanthropy (in addition to user fees, memberships, grants, earned income, ticket sales, etc.) to support their operation. According to the AAFRC Trust for Philanthropy, 78.3% Read More →


Is your mission statement front and center… … in your annual report? … on your website? … at donor meetings? … at fundraising events? … in electronic newsletters? … on social media and social networks? … at Board and staff meetings? … in your personnel policies? … on your Board, staff and volunteer orientation and Read More →

Cash Register

Note: This tip is adapted and excerpted from 3rd edition of Financial & Strategic Management For Nonprofit Organizations by Herrington J. Bryce. Here’s a summary of 8 questions for nonprofits and NGOs to consider before engaging in for-profit, business, or social enterprises. How will the enterprise affect the tax-exempt status of the organization? In some Read More →

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